Alternative Process

A truly unique photographic experience. Take a step back in time to when creating images was special. Working with silver gelatin dry plates, you will make memories to last a lifetime - or more. Properly preserved, dry plate photographs will last generations.

Harbinger - 5x7" silver gelatin dry plate, from the Pandemic Project

A Return to Tradition

The Process

Dry plate photography became popular in the wake of the civil war. Photographers, eager to throw off the shackles of mobile darkrooms, found a way to literally dry their emulsions on glass plates which could be carried in holders and developed later. I gravitated towards this process for personal projects due to its combination of unique qualities, capturing a vintage look while being more user friendly than wet plate collodion.

Dry plate photographs exist on glass plates which are printed onto photographic paper, much like large format film negatives. These plates are an extremely durable photo medium and will preserve images for untold decades if properly stored, capturing your memories in an artifact that takes on a life of its own. Clients receive their original glass negative and traditional photographic prints for display in a standard picture frame.

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